FAQ / How It Works

What is a Tweet Drip?

Drip marketing is a way of organizing messages to be sent to your followers on a set schedule that you set. TweetDrip allows you an organized view of where your followers are in your drip campaign and makes it easy to customize a direct message based on view details of their profile and recent tweets.

TweetDrip does not automate direct message sending, but simplifies the process of tracking all your followers through a drip campaign while following Twitter Terms of Service.

How do I get started?

To get started for free, simply click the Sign-in with Twitter button at the top of the page. You'll sign-in with your Twitter account and then be redirected back to TweetDrip. From there, you can create your first Tweet Drip!

How do I create my first tweet drip campaign?

Once you login, you'll be taken to the dashboard that shows a list of your accounts. After your first login, you'll only see your 1 account listed. Click the "Manage Drips" button to get started.

Tweet Drip accounts list

The main dashboard page lists your accounts. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts in TweetDrip.

On the following Drip Campaign page, you'll see any drips you've created. Once you've created a drip, you can edit or delete it from this screen.

Click on the Add New Drip button to create your first drip.

Tweet Drip campaign list

The campaign view. See the day you plan to send the direct message on the left (in the blue droplet), the message to be sent in the middle,
and actions you can take on the right.

Add New Drip

Tweet Drip campaign list

To create a new drip, you'll need to enter the text you would like sent in a direct message to each of your followers. This message will only be sent to new followers (not existing ones).

Next, you'll need to select on which day to send the direct message. Selecting 0 will send the message the same day that they follow you. Selecting 3 will send the message 3 days after they follow you, and so on.

Click Add Drip to add this drip to your campaign.

How much does Tweet Drip cost?

We have 3 plans, including a free plan that allows for basic usage with 1 account.

Tweet Drip plans

How do I add an account?

On the Account tab, you can update your plan and also click the "Add Twitter Account" button to add an additional account (if your plan supports it).

Tweet Drip plans

Do you send direct messages automatically?

No. TweetDrip is a tool that helps you organize and track your drip campaigns and makes it easy to view details about your followers, customize a message to them and then send it using your Twitter account. We no longer automatically send messages to your followers as this is now against the Twitter Terms of Service (sending a message automatically based on someone following you).

Can I cancel my account any time?

Yes. Simply downgrade your account to free from the Account page at any time and you will no longer be billed.